Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hayes Advisory

Hi all, apologies for the lack of updates in recent times. I've been quite busy helping my friends at Hayes Advisory set up their new website. Rest assured, my diversion into HTML, CSS and JavaScript didn't stop me from going crazy in PowerShell and I have plenty of adventures to share with you shortly. However I will take pause for now and use this post to shamelessly spruik the new site.

Check it out:

Keen to hear what people think of the site. And my services are for hire if anyone else is in the market for one ;)... more shameless self-promotion :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Dynamic form in Powershell

I needed an easy way to create forms dynamically on the fly in PowerShell. As usual, I looked to Google, more out of sheer laziness than desperation. Being a self-proclaimed power-searcher I thought I'd have it licked in no time. So many generous coders out there willing to share their secrets and show off their 'mad skillz'.

Unsurprisingly I was able to find tonnes of useful information, however, much to my surprise, after poking around for the good part of an hour I did not find what I was looking for, nor did my attempts to hack it out on the command line bear any fruit.

So I threw in the search towel (which is a hard thing for a self-proclaimed 'power-seacher' to admit) and put on my under-used spinner hat and started to create a new function. After diving in and out of it for a week, and quite a few lightbulb moments, I created exactly what I was looking for. And what better way to celebrate than leaving the cocoon I entered as a 'code leech' to emerge as one of the more admiral sharers of this wonderful World-Wide-Web.

So here it is, my first instalment on this newfangled blog thingamajiggy....

Welcome... my first post

This is my first post after deciding that I would start to contribute to my own blog.

Why? - Because I need somewhere to perform a brain dump where my crackpot ideas might be handy for me and others. I've spent years of leeching other people's great ideas to expedite my own scripting exercises so it's time to give back to the community of crackpots on whom I've so heavily relied.

So why call it the lobster's claw? Well, primarily I'll be writing about my adventures in PowerShell and sharing my ideas, challenges and blocks of code that result... and I wasn't able to put all of that into a URL. So I wondered what crustacean had the hardest shell (PowerShell - get it? haha.. okay, Dad Joke... I should add that to my profile's interests). Anyway, I came across this really cool lobster motorcycle by chef / artist Huang Mingbo. Wow, done. Something to do with a lobster. And they have powerful claws. And so it was decided. So, without further ado...

Welcome to The Lobster's Claw.